Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition and Performance

Selecting and Developing People


Selecting Good People requires these three components
The Art of Selection

Gut reaction and perception

Who they seem to be and say they are

Do I even like them

The Science of Selection

Personality assessment

Their experience and is it relevant

The job — do we know what it takes to do it properly

The Hidden Math of Selection

What does it take to deliver our results in skills and competency

The job and the people

The Hidden Math of Selection

How ready is this candidate to produce the results we want

Can we train the rest of what they need and if not maybe we shouldn’t hire them at all

Leadership Done Differently

Our experience and research show clearly we try to develop leaders with curriculum based education and personality assessments. Then we hold the person accountable for translating and converting what they are taught into something effective and useful. This just doesn’t work very well in leadership. That’s where we come in.

The Mentor Series™ makes leadership development come alive with energy, purpose, and a “come with me” approach. Let’s make the conversion of what we already know and learn into something useful and make this happen for you, your people, your organization, your results.


Drive Results

The Mentor Series™ brings this powerful, result-driven approach to developing leadership in your organization. The Mentor just may be the most powerful force for leadership development you will deploy to drive the results you want.

No other form of leadership training personalizes development like The Mentor Series™. We do and the difference in performance is important, sustainable, virtual.

Maximum Results

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