Scale Of Empathy In Leaders

Effectiveness, Empathy, and ROI

The Real Connection to Leadership

Empathy is not sympathy. Empathy is a cognitive (deliberate) process through which we understand the perspective of others, properly, the way they want us to understand and express that understanding back to them in their words, not ours. We do this to provide both comfort and help to drive their success to show we give a damn about them.

Empathy is a hard wired capability and the question we want to answer is how do leaders do it under the tremendous pressure and responsibility that comes with the job. Here we measure attitude towards empathy and how likely someone will use empathy in their interactions with others. Your individual score is part of our research program looking at the impact of Empathy in Leadership.

The benefits of empathy are significant:

  1. Uses every opportunity to develop people and improve capability
  2. People are motivated through better leader engagement
  3. Make fewer errors and need less help from others to do the work
  4. Issues and problems of the day are managed with less drama
  5. Support the success of the organization, its people and its ROI

About the Survey

This Scale of Empathy in Leaders survey is brand new, a one of its kind approach to understanding how leaders are predisposed to empathy. The survey has not yet been normalized to indicate what the scores mean to leader performance and effectiveness. We hope to receive thousands of individuals completing the survey so we can publish research from this data to make the scores come to life for leaders.

We do see interesting results from studies done in medicine. The higher the Empathy score for physicians, the bigger impact on patient behavior and clinical outcomes. We suspect the same holds true for leaders.



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