The Mentor

The Mentor Series

We have known since the dawn of time what it takes to get good at anything. It’s no secret. Learn all you can from someone who knows how, and practice to get good at it. When we learn how to sharpen a spear, repair a car, improve our golf game, play a musical instrument or cook a particular meal, this model works great.

This works great for Leadership as well, we just don’t use it to train leaders.

Focus on a specific capability you want to learn and master
Study the capability so you can understand how it works and the what and how of doing it
Learn from people who are already good at it and who will teach and apprentice with you.
Apprentice with them to apply your own powerful approach to learning, so you can make what you learn useful.
Use deliberate practice, you know keep doing it until you get better at it.

Leadership Development Done Differently

What happens in leadership development is often quite different and less effective.

Our experience and the research show clearly we try to develop leaders with curriculum based education and personality assessments. Then we hold the person accountable for translating and converting what they are taught into something effective and useful.

That’s where we come in with The Mentor Series to make leadership development come alive with energy, purpose, and a “come with me” approach. Let’s make the conversion of what we already know and learn into something useful easier and make this happen for you, your people, your organization, your results.



Decision making including how to blend the art and science of information and data gathering


Interacting with people to build and maintain relationships


Being empathic on purpose


Teaching and training people so they get better at their work and succeed


Protect people and their ideas


Having perspective — an eye on the detail and big picture — today and tomorrow

Drive Results

The Mentor Series™ brings this powerful, result-driven approach to developing leadership in your organization. The Mentor just may be the most powerful force for leadership development you will deploy to drive the results you want.

No other form of leadership training personalizes development like The Mentor Series. We do and the difference in performance is important, sustainable, virtual.

Maximum Results

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