The Mentor:

The disappearing art and science that has driven leader performance development for decades

Executive Summary

The issue is simple really: the need for capable leaders far outstrips the supply of those natural born types and the added few who become the higher performers in the world. If we ever calculate just how much time, energy, and money is used up having the higher performers rescue the rest of us from our incompetence, well we would have a lot of money and be embarrassed at the findings from the math.

Expert Performance:

Its Structure and Acquisition 

Executive Summary

Counter to the common belief that expert performance reflects innate abilities and capacities, recent research in different domains of expertise has shown that expert performance is predominantly mediated by acquired complex skills and physiological adaptations. 

Overlap between empathy, teamwork, and integrative approach to patient care:

Contribute to optimal patient outcomes

Executive Summary

Empathy, teamwork and an integrative approach to patient care share common denominators such as interpersonal skills and understanding patients’ concerns. Thus, a significant overlap among measures of empathy, teamwork and integrative approach to patient care is expected.

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